You Need to Create a Mobile-First Strategy. Here’s How

By Blog

The number of mobile users across the world will surpass 5 billion in 2017. So it makes sense that the best businesses will have a well-thought-out mobile-first strategy. How do you go about creating one of your company? Here are some crucial pointers.

Superior Mobile Viewing Optimization

Mobilegeddon. That’s the name people use for a 2015 Google Search algorithm update that effectively favored those websites that displayed better on mobile devices. This is a testament to the importance of optimizing your websites for the mobile world. And if you think that effective mobile design is just about the making the text bigger and creating touch-friendly buttons, think again. You also have to optimize your content structure.


For instance, what is a seemingly short paragraph on a laptop, might feel like an endless novel on a smartphone. You need to create scannable content, 1-2 sentences per paragraph. Use sub-headings, bullet points and numbered lists. Here’s a good example to describe your goal: your target audience should be able to easily scan your content when they’re at Starbacks.


Identify Mobile-friendly Conversion Points

You need to know the most common conversion points in your current sales funnel. Many of these, such as downloading a short eBook or signing up for a newsletter, are not ideal conversion points for mobile. This is because these usually utilize longer forms to be filled out, not at all friendly for the mobile user.


To maintain such conversion points for mobile users, you need to simplify the forms, like only requiring the email address and using keyboard shortcuts for faster input. Less steps in the conversion chain are always good, more so in the mobile world.


Offer Coupons

In 2019, there will be over a billion coupon users. So regardless of what kind of business you’re running, it’s safe to assume that mobile vouchers will be of use to you. They’re a clever solution for driving traffic to your business, increasing conversions and enhancing your brand loyalty. Vouchers have been around for ever, and for good reason – they work.


With a little clever planning and a smart promotional campaign, you can leverage the power of digital vouchers to drive your mobile sales. It’s hard to imagine an effective mobile-first strategy that doesn’t capitalize digital discounts and mobile vouchers.


Manage Local Listings

It’s easy to get caught up in the technicalities of a mobile-first strategy and overlook some pretty basic yet crucial things. Like local listings for example. So while you’re following the above guidelines for creating a winning mobile-first strategy, remember to claim your local listings with Google, Bing and Yelp. Keep in mind that as these services use auto-generate local listings, they’re susceptible to inaccuracies. So it’s best to manually manage your listing details.


You also need to leverage a smart business mobile app. But remember that pushing out an app, as important as it is, is not the end. You need to optimize the entire digital front of your business for the mobile world. Now you know how to do that.