Apple 4.2.6 Review Guidelines

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We’ve seen an increasing number of companies approach us recently due to Apples updated App Store guidelines 4.2.6.

Many companies are having difficultly getting their iOS apps approved and this is having a HUGE impact on a large segment of the app development industry. In particular apps designed for SME businesses.

Its understandable that Apple would want to clear up the app stores, its no longer about which platform (iOS or Android) has the most apps, its about which platform has the most engaging and useful apps.

Ideally apps created should be unique and offer real value for the end user. An app shouldn’t be merely a website wrapper, a marketing tool, or at worst – spam.

Our platform is successfully submitting iOS apps for our white label partners.

Although there seems to be some ‘interpretation’ surrounding Apples updated terms, we believe our apps are approved due to the fundamental technology our platform is built on.


  • Our platform is not a DIY ‘self build’ – our design and development professionals build apps to an extremely high standard.
  • We build iOS apps using Objective C and Swift for iOS, we also build separate apps for Android using Java.
  • We always ensure our iOS (and Android) Apps are of the highest quality possible.
  • We use as much of iOS’s native functionality as possible – for example swipe left to delete, native scroll wheels to select time/dates etc. Our Android apps feature Android native functionality such as (x) to delete…We do this to ensure a familiar user experience for iOS users.
  • Our iOS and Android apps DO NOT share a codebase.
  • We have always handled all aspects of design, build and submission on behalf of our partners to ensure we adhere to Apples guidelines.


Many DIY app platforms share a single codebase whereby you create the app once and it will run on iOS AND Android. We have never done this as we have always wanted the best experience for the respective platform.

In the past some partners have questioned why our iOS apps look slightly different from our Android apps – this has always been intentional.

IMG_2860 2

As far as we are aware we are one of (if not the only) provider who build apps solely using native iOS components in Object C / Swift for iOS.

If you have any more questions about 4.2.6, or anything app related, speak to us on chat!