7 Reasons Why You Should Have an App for Your Restaurant

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Mobile apps can help you really improve your restaurant’s performance. Let’s look at seven reasons why you should be using a mobile app for your restaurant.

Loyalty Programs

In 2015, a pizza joint named Pizza Ranch offered their customers a mobile-based promotion on Black Friday: people could double their points by buying from them on that day. The result – they did 67.6% more business that day than usual.


That day Pizza Ranch enjoyed a 780% ROI on the time and money they invested in their loyalty program. The fact is that mobile-based loyalty programs are an incredible way to drive business.


Location-Based Deals

What better way to invite a customer into your restaurant, by offering them an incentive when they’re nearby? Few people will be able to resist a “buy one get one free” or “30% off” deal when they’re just around the corner, probably looking to grab a bite. An app will help you boost your restaurant sales thanks to the power of location-based deals.


Social Sharing

People love to share things over social media. And you would certainly love it when they share photos and check-ins of your restaurant. This is priceless marketing for you. Few advertising campaigns will yield better results than proof of people having an awesome time at your restaurant, shared by your customers. The social evidence is simply invaluable.


More Seats Filled

Do you know that many leading travel companies buy out restaurant reservation operations? This clearly shows the power and importance of convenient reservations for the end user. With a mobile app for your restaurant, you can let customers easily manage their bookings with you. At the end of the day, this will result in more seats filled at your restaurant.


Higher Sales Amongst Millennials

Millennials love to do just about everything on their phone. That includes making reservations. Having a mobile app for your restaurant will help you tap into this lucrative market! For them and many others too, speed is of the essence and that is something with which a mobile app can really help you.


Click to Call

It must have happened with you too; you’re looking at a restaurant’s website or app and you need to ask them something. When your customer is in this situation, you don’t want to make them jump through hoops to find your phone number. With a mobile app you can use a “click to call” option to let users reach you easily.


Better Coupon Redemption

The first coupon in the world was sent out by Coca-Cola. In 1887. The idea helped the soft drink pioneer distribute 8.5 million free drinks between 1894 and 1913. By 1895, Coke was selling in every US state. 130 years later, coupons are still going strong, helping restaurants and bars sell more of their meals and drinks.



Add to this the power of mobile apps, and you have a winning combination that will boost your restaurant sales. When you use a mobile app to deliver coupons, you’re not just capturing their attention, you’re increasing the chances of them actually showing up to your restaurant.


So there you go, some pretty strong reasons why you should have a mobile app for your restaurant. With the help the right mobile app development specialist, you can continue to build a stronger loyalty with your customers.


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If you’ve been using an app for your restaurant in any other ways let us know!