6 Ways To Drive Downloads Of Your App

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Mobile apps can be incredibly effective for small businesses, however to achieve the best results you need to ensure your customers have downloaded your app and continue to use it.

Let’s look at the most effective ways to drive downloads.

1. Get existing customers to download the app

Once your app is live you want to tell everyone you meet to download it! If you see them face to face then ask them to download your app from Apple or Android app stores. If you have their existing contact details then send them an email, or a text message with a link to your app.


2. Ensure your staff are actively reminding customers to download the app

Hold a staff meeting and train your team to talk about your app with every customer.


3. Encourage existing customers (and staff) to share the app on social media.

Your app features a great incentivised referral program. You can use this to reward customers if they recommend your app to a certain number of people. They will have options to share via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. If they share via social media the app will post an image, and a download link for your app to the customers social medial page. This is a great way to encourage not only downloads of your app, but also encourage friends and colleagues to come to your business.


4. Promote the app online

You can use the apps short link and post this on various sites. Social media, email footers, blogs posts. If you have an automated SMS system for sending appointment reminders to customers, add your short link to these messages. This will surely increase downloads of your app with minimum effort. Your short link looks like this – http://suma.me/8f47


5. Promote the app using the pre-generated marketing materials

When your app is built you will be provided with a QR code which users scan with a QR reader – this will quickly download your app to their phone. You can also print the generated poster and display this around your business. Perhaps even print this out and do a postal mail campaign to local residents.

app_poster (2)

6. Make sure everyone is using the loyalty program

The inbuilt loyalty program is a great way to ensure downloads of the app and repeat usage. Loyalty programmes are proven to work. Customers love the convenience of the loyalty card being on their phone, rather than carrying a piece of cardboard in their wallet.


If you follow the above steps you are sure to be successful with your business app.


Have you been encouraging downloads of your app in any different ways to those listed above? Let us know in the comments below!