5 Golden Rules for Writing Winning Push-Notification Messages

By Blog

Every push notification you send is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with your customers. The quality of your push notifications will boost brand loyalty, increase your bottom line and give you a competitive edge over those who fail to put the effort into crafting effective messages. Here we’ll take a closer look at five golden rules of writing winning push notifications.

1.   Keep it Authentic

The gold standard for effective marketing and branding today is authenticity. Today people can spot inauthentic brands from miles away. Keep this in mind when writing your push notifications. You want to make the writing consistent with your overall brand voice, while also aligning it with your web and email communication. Once you write a push notification, spend some time reflecting on its tone & voice and ask yourself whether it matches your brand identity. If it doesn’t make sense to your customers as part of your larger brand narrative, rewrite the message until it does.


2.   Show Empathy

Empathy is described as the ability of stepping into the shoes of a different person, and understanding their point of view and feelings. Now this might seem like asking too much from a simple push notification but it is definitely doable. Write your push notifications in a way that lets your app users know you understand their pain, problems as well as what makes them happy or excited.


One great way to do this is pay closer attention to the comments and questions your customers share on your business’ social media pages. This will help you better understand your customers’ hopes, dreams, challenges and how your brand affects these aspects of their perspective.


3.   Make it Valuable

The best push notifications add value to your customers’ daily lives. So make your messages engaging and helpful instead of annoying.


Regardless of what type of business you run, you have made an unspoken promise of making your customers’ lives better, more fun and overall easier (right?!). Let this promise guide your thought process as you’re writing your push notifications.


Netflix does this particularly well here –



4.   Add a Little Funny

Consumers, especially millennials, want funny. When companies are funny whilst reaching out to them (without over-doing it), the consumers recognize the company is seeing the world through their eyes. They’ll naturally be drawn towards such companies and influenced by their message.



5.   Keep it Concise

Attention spans of consumers are shorter than ever. So brevity should be your best friend when sending out your marketing messages, including push notifications, which are inherently brief. So don’t try to pack too much info into one notification. The “less is more” adage is very much relevant here.


Try this: write two versions of the same push notification and A/B test them. This will help you discover what patterns and lengths work best for you, also helping you find the ideal balance between eloquence and candor.


Localytics a company specializing in mobile engagement found users who enabled push notifications launched an app an average of 14.7 times per month, whereas users who did not only launched an app 5.4 times per month. In other words, users who opted in to push messages averaged 3x more app launches than those who opted out.


While it only takes a little more time to apply the above advice to your push notifications, the results will be disproportionately beneficial. Add a business app to the mix and you will be head and shoulders above rivals who do not learn and apply what you’ve just learned here.